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About Us

The Engine Company exists to make great technology. We are a self-funded team of veteran game engine developers based in Eugene, OR. Loom is the engine we always wanted to use but couldn’t find.

The Engine Company is:

BenBEN GARNEY, Chief Engineer & Co-Founder. Ben loves building great game middleware, and he loves it even more when people use it to make cool games. His past roles include: Torque Technologies Director at GarageGames, co-founder at PushButton Labs, creator of the PushButton Engine, co-author of Video Game Optimization. He also worked on Marble Blast Ultra, a launch title for the XBox 360.

NateNATE BECK, Chief Paper Pusher & Co-Founder. Nate is passionate about building great workflow, both for his team and his customers, and he’s willing to push the papers required to make that happen. Before TEC, Nate worked at big shops (Boeing, T-Mobile, Universal Mind), startups (Snapvine), and ran his own consulting firm (ZaaLabs). Nate was a contributor to PushButton Engine and has shipped highly polished mobile games such as WordWars and Poly.

JoshJOSH ENGEBRETSON, LoomScript Guru & Co-Founder. Josh is a highly motivated engineer with two decades of game technology experience. He has consulted for clients as diverse as Microsoft, Disney, Adobe, and Playdom. He was a senior programmer at GarageGames, and in the (not so) distant past, Josh built an indie MMO using the Torque Game Engine.

AjAJ WEST, Rails & Photoshop Plugin Wrangler. Over the past 3 years, AJ has steadily grown his skills from Flash frontend work to include Rails and Photoshop Plugin development using AS3, JS, and C++. His skills are a valuable complement to TEC’s team, and we hope to someday see him ship his own game on Loom!