At The Engine Company, we solve hard technical problems for clients from Fortune 100s to 3 person startups. We also create for ourselves – most notably our own mobile/IoT app framework, the Loom SDK.

Our specialties include AR/VR, IoT, streaming video, mobile, backend, and fractional CTO services.

About Us

Headquartered in beautiful Eugene, OR, The Engine Co was founded by Ben Garney in 2012. Over the years, we have grown to a globally distributed team of ten. We are at our best when we make the impossible happen for you.

Our work has been shown on stage at TED, run by millions of users, and used to close multi-million dollar deals. Global brands have used our work to showcase their brand, and our expertise to explore future direction. We hope to continue to do great things for our clients.

Here are synopses of many of our recent projects:

HLS Video Player

We developed a streaming HLS video player in Flash (using OSMF) for a global video distribution network company. This included writing an MPEG TS parser, H.264 parsing code, and an M3U8 parser, as well as performance tuning to ensure smooth playback on older system. It also involved deep analysis of a wide variety of HLS streams to identify issues and develop in-player workarounds. The player integrated into their application infrastructure for support of analytics.

AR Platform

We assisted a Silicon Valley venture backed AR platform company in a wide variety of areas including: a solution for filming AR experiences, CAD file format support, a system to composite AR into webcam video, fine grained system latency monitoring and analysis, performance optimization, SDK architecture, Unity-integrated video capture, realtime Kinect 3d scene reconstruction and other technology for an investor demo, deep screen capture of Windows applications for presentation in AR, and backend services daemon. A lot of our work for this client involved computer vision and sensor fusion.

IoT Integration

We worked with a publicly traded cellular technology company to help bring an embedded system product to market. Our contributions included a custom logging infrastructure that tied to their web admin interface, and working with integrating cellular modem drivers into Linux.

Cloud Video Server

We worked with an in-house team to migrate their on-demand user video rendering system from video capture hardware attached to PCs to an EC2 based solution. This involved using EC2 GPU capabilities, migrating the video renderer from Flash to C++/OpenGL, developing a high performance video encode/decode path, and parsing their complex internal format. We also contributed to their next generation scene architecture and provide ongoing support and improvements. The system renders many thousands of videos per month in production.

Fractional CTO

For businesses that don’t need a full time CTO with full time CTO costs, we provide services including business strategy/development, project scope and management, risk mitigation, legal compliance, and product vetting. Past clients include an airport gym company and a toys to life company.

Enterprise Mobile SDK

We extended and maintained an analytics and advertising SDK used internally across all mobile titles by a globally known entertainment brand.

Smartwatch Hotel Booking

We built the world’s first smartwatch hotel booking application for a Las Vegas based client. We worked with pre-production hardware and system software to create a fluid, engaging experience in partnership with one of the world’s largest technology corporations.

Mobile Showcase

We worked with a global audio brand to develop an audio-only mobile game in Loom to showcase their new mobile audio technology. Our contributions included design, gameplay, low level Android OS debugging, and casting and managing FMV production. The game was shown at various trade events and helped demonstrate their exciting new audio technology.

Scalable Backend

We developed an EC2 based system for serving a realtime slot machine like game. We used node.js, Redis, and MySQL. The system targeted 5 million simultaneous users, and has been in production for several years now.

HTML5 Frontend

We developed an HTML5 frontend for a globally known game company to show players if they have been banned and if so why. This was a 3 month project where we were involved from initial architectural discussion to final implementation. The final product supported internationalization, localization, and was integrated with enterprise global services for data and analytics.

Mobile Applications

Our services include design and support all the way up to implementation for a number of groups in need of mobile applications. We can use in house or popular technology to implement these apps. Examples of applications we have contributed to include a document signing app, a nail salon oriented mobile game, board game companion games, and a hotel booking application.


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